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But I Know That 09_edited.jpg

But I Know That

22"H x 17"W x 6"D


Handy Hannah 06_edited.jpg

Handy Hannah

16"H X 10"W X 11"D


More and More 09_edited.jpg

More and More I Have Come To Admire Resilience

16" H X 20" W X 4" D


That Familiar One 13_edited.jpg

That Familiar One, Beloved Death, My Enemy Who Erases Sorrows Like A Friend

26"H X 12"W X 12"D


Things You Made 101_edited.jpg

The Things You Made, Discarded, Are Now Art

24"H X 16"W X 9"D


alebrijes 06_edited.jpg



He Made War 22_edited.jpg

He Made War Like A Man Anointing Himself

70"H X 22"W X 12"D


Dream of Light 05_edited.jpg

The Dream Of Light Would Continue With Me

11"H X 7"W X 5"D


Now You Invent 18_edited.jpg
Now You Invent 15_edited.jpg

Now You Invent The Boat Of Your Own Flesh And Set It Upon The Waters

36"H X 12"W X 11"D


Pilot Valve 105 06_edited.jpg

Pilot Valve 105

19" H X 5" W X 2" D


Over the Carnage 07_edited.jpg

Over The Carnage Rose A Prophetic Voice

14" H X 10" W X 7" D


The Giant Who Had No Heart 29_edited.jpg

The Giant Who Had No Heart

36"H X 20"W X 10"D


Knight Without Fear 05_edited.jpg
An Old Language Rising Up The Throat Of Wings 06_edited.jpg

An Old Language Rising Up The Throat Of Wings


front facing 04_edited.jpg

Front Facing and Up

17"H X 14"W X 1"D


She Goes To the Office 06c_edited.jpg

She Goes To The Office Of Desires To See Who’s Still Listed In The Ledger Of Lovers

54"H X 18"H


The Knight Without Fear and Without Reproach


The Cathy Rose 12_edited.jpg

The Cathy Rose


Smitten 14_edited.jpg

Smitten At Heart By A Kiss With Lips That Time Bled And Trailed Wings


Forgive Curiosity 05_edited.jpg

Forgive Curiosity

21"H X 10"W X 4"D


Diapason 06_edited.jpg

Diapason Grace White In Forest Shadow

32"H X 11"W X 6"D


Where Is the Burning Match 08_edited.jpg

Where Is the Burning Match That Will Set Me On Fire

33"H X 13"W X 13"D


Krampus Through Rose Colored Glasses

2022 Krampus Exchange

My Picture Drowned In A Transparent Tear

12"H X 8"W X 4"D


Tell Every Dream That Knocks To Go Away

15"H X 9"W X 3"D


2022 11 oaxaca 1102 1096_edited.jpg
2022 11 oaxaca 1102 1099_edited.jpg

Oaxacan Graveyard


magazine collages 2 Dot Goes To the Beach_edited.jpg

Dot Goes To the Beach


magazine collages 3 Starring the Door To Ust_edited.jpg

Starring the Door To Ust


magazine collages 3 Peli Can_edited.jpg

Peli Can


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