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artists statements by calvin and hobbes_

I consider myself a found object, mixed media, collage and assemblage artist.  My objective in making art is to take objects and images, repurpose them in harmony with a theme, and construct a work that is entertaining and delivers a message.  I like to use irony, satire and humor to make my points.


I like to tell a story.  I am a lifelong reader and an occasional book maker.  I love photography.  I believe that the one common link between assemblage, reading, book making and photography is story.  If my works of art are successful in telling a story to those who view it then I am satisfied with the effort.  

In short, I like to nail crap together and call it art.

My influences are my mentor Michael deMeng, Andrea Matus deMeng, Joseph Cornell, Raymond Chandler, film noir and The Marx Brothers.  

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