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12"H X 12"W X 1.5"D


The Translated Story Of Life They Write Across The Sky

16"H X 12"W X 1.5"D


For a Time We Have Walked the Pilgrimage of Life

Closed: 16"H x 6"W X 4"D        
Open: 16"H X 12"W X 3"D        

A Quarantine of Cultivated Silence

36"H X 18"W X 9"D


Let There Be Lights In the Firmament of the Heaven

23"H X 17"W X 4"D


She Didn't Know What To Do


A Heart Becomes Its Own Mirror

36"H X 7"W X 1"D


My Desire 01_edited.jpg

My Desire Now

For the Life Stars Have

8"H X 8"W X 3/4" D


Through The Path Of Echoes That Memory Invents And Erases

22"H X 14"W X 5"D


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