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  • 90 to 360 minute programs: $1 per minute in Milwaukee County, $2 per minute in Wisconsin (but outside Milwaukee County) and $3 per minute if outside Wisconsin

  • Mileage (at the Federal Rate) for all programs outside of Milwaukee County, or airfare

  • Housing for all programs over 180 miles from Milwaukee

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Altered Books

This program highlights the history and techniques of using an existing book as the basis for a new art form: the altered book.

This program can also include a hands-on altered book workshop. 

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Collage: the Art of Sticking It To the World

This program highlights the history of collage, the premier artists and contemporary trends.

This program can also include a hands-on workshop for participants in addition. 


Crime On My Mind: the History of Crime and Mystery Fiction

This program highlights the history of crime and mystery fiction from the origins through the 20th century. Learn about the founding authors who have thrilled readers for centuries. 

This program can also include a book discussion led by me in addition. 

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Dia de los Muertos: a Visitor Observes the Day of the Dead in Mexico

This programs uses my own photography to highlight the special nature of the Day of the Dead. Learn how an ancient cultural practice of honoring the ancestores has survived for today's generations. 


Film Noir

Walk the mean streets as depicted in the classic black and white films of Hollywood. Learn how a film style defined crime films for generations of film makers. 

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The History of Book Making in Three Hours

This program is a presentation on the history of the making of the book combined with a hands-on workshop of techniques that illustrate how books were made over the course of time. 

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Joseph Cornell

The program follows the strange and twisted life of one of the first collage and assemblage artists: Joseph Cornell. Learn how this man, who never left home, fostered a new style of art making while maintaining his isolated life. 

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Literary Niches: a Two Day Altered Book Workshop

The goal of the workshop is that each student will work on two altered book projects.  The first step is to carve a niche into each book using a variety of techniques.  Then each book will be altered using various mixed media practices.  Along the way, there will be sharing of the history of assemblage and book making as well as the study of visual literacy and its effect on creating a theme for each project.  At the end of the workshop, each student should have altered books with a strong emotional message or thematic content to cherish.  

This is a two day workshop that requires an appropriate space for power tools and student workshop space. My workshop rate is $200 per student. 


The Marx Brothers

Laugh along as this program explores the unique comic styles of Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo Marx as they grow from struggling Vaudeville entertainers to become big screen stars in Hollywood. 

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Nailing Crap Together and Calling It Art: My Personal Journey Through Assemblage

Follow along as I cover my personal journey into the world of found object and mixed media assemblage. Learn the history of the genre, the major creators, the current practitioners and see examples of my own art.

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Learn basic papermaking by dipping a screen stretched across a frame—known as the “mould and deckle”—into a vat of pulp made from recycled paper or plant materials. A great program for participants who do not mind getting wet. Requires a space that does not mind getting wet. Please note: this program uses water. Lots of water. 


Raymond Chandler

Down These Mean Streets a Man Must Go

This program follows the life of Raymond Chandler, the greatest private eye fiction writer ever. Learn about Philip Marlowe, the streets of L.A., The Big Sleep, and the last legacy of this significant crime fiction writer. 

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Recycled Totems Workshop

This assemblage and mixed media workshop uses recycled plastic bottles as a base to build personal totem figures. I will supply most things needed but participants are invited to bring their own personal items to build this structure. This workshop will have an additional kit fee cost and requires an appropriate workshop area. May be appropriate for children from kindergarten to the senior bus. 

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Takin' It To the Streets: What Does It Mean To Be a Street Photographer

This program uses my own photographs with classic examples of great street photography to illustrate the history, techniques and current practitioners of the street photography style. 

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